Finding Elsie

Through listening to another of  Nicola Bird’s awesome podcasts I was introduced Elsie Spittle.  Elsie has a captivating tone that oozes  purity, simplicity and genuine compassion.   I could have listened to Elsie for hours without having any real sense of the content of her words.  In fact as I sit here now I can barely recall the precise focus of the podcast. What struck me was the feeling I had while sitting on my kitchen worktop with my earphones in. It was a feeling of tranquillity, the kind of which I can only ever recall having for very brief moments in the past.  I can only compare it to the feeling of standing on the west rim of the Grand Canyon completely at one with nature right before you look down and fear sets in.  But.. this time i knew that the feeling was real, it was lasting, I had found it within my own consciousness and even on days when I can’t quite see it, I knew it would always be there.  Needless to say, later that day I bought Elsie’s book Wisdom for Life from Amazon and couldn’t wait to read it.

What I love about Elsie’s way of expressing the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought is that rather than try to explain them and  how they work,  or try to get me to buy in to a new theoretical framework, she simply presents examples of the principles in action.  Once this concrete evidence of them working in the real world is in front of you, it is impossible  see them as the anything other than absolute.

Reading Elsie’s book has given me back my passion for life. Not in a sense that I now want to go out and achieve everything I ever dreamed of,  just a genuine gratitude for the very existence of life and all of the natural beauty it conveys.


You can find Elsie’s website here:

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