Innate Wellbeing for You

What if you already have everything you will ever need?

Hi I’m Sue Wilkinson, Innate Wellbeing Practitioner

I have been a student and teacher of Psychology for over 25 years.  Throughout all of that time I believed that the outside world; the environment, other people, brain chemistry, childhood trauma, education were the determinants of individual well-being.   

I had tried and tested Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Biological Therapies, Self-Help and Psychotherapy.  They worked for as long as they worked, and didn’t when they didn’t.   

I had hit a stage of hopelessness in my life, thinking that I had tried everything and that I was doomed to continue to live out my days with debilitating anxiety and bouts of deep depression.

Then I came across the work of Sydney Banks.  The Three Principles / Inside-Out Understanding of the Human Psychological Experience.  

I no longer live in a state of anxiety.  I no longer take medication for depression. I live my life with less stress and more ease and grace.  My relationships are greatly improved, my working life is greatly improved, my world has changed – from the inside-out .

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