Human Nature

turtle animal diving reptile
Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on

Life wants to survive. Life wants to be alive.

Matt Haig, in his novel  How to stop time, wrote about a sea turtle being able live for up to a hundred and eighty years and that while turtles have been around for over two hundred million years, they haven’t really changed in comparison to Humans.

This really made me think about life and its simplicity and how as humans we feel the need to separate ourselves from nature, creating this notion that we must progress and achieve, fight for what’s right, punish what’s not, have more, be more.

What, I asked myself, motivates the turtle to continue on his journey of  life for as long as 180 years?   I don’t know the answer as I can’t ask the turtle, but I can confidently suggest that it is not because the turtle has a bucket list of thing he needs to do before he passes, or because he needs to find his true purpose, not even to make the world a better place for the future sea turtles.  He just lives. He is just there, existing in the universe, using his innate wisdom to guide him through his world moment by moment.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could be more like sea turtles, or any other animal that doesn’t have all of the anxieties that are inherent in being Human?   How simple and effortless would our lives be if we could simply rely on our innate wisdom to guide us through life..


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