Life is Simple. It kind of looks after itself.

Our personal, conditioned thinking makes life seem so complicated at times.  We sometimes observe youngsters playing without a care in the world and wonder what changed, what went wrong.

Life didn’t change. What changed was our experience of life. Because we are only ever experiencing thought, in the moment, we are only ever a thought away from being that care free child again. Experiencing life for what it really is… The true miracle of simply being alive.

Life isn’t complicated, our thoughts might make it appear that way. Often the stresses and strains appear very real indeed.  Stress only occurs when we give rise to our thinking and label the content of our thoughts as bad, troublesome, worrying or a problem to be solved.  If we listen to those thoughts we believe that the world is against us, that something has to change, the world needs to change in order for us to have peace.

We can change the world – just not from the outside in.   We can understand that we only experience thought in the moment. We can rest in that space before thought is created, where we find our energy, love and well-being.  We can notice that from this space that our worries seem less worrying, our fears less frightening and our problems less problematic.

The world has changed… from the inside out!

The simplicity of being, beautifully expressed by Elsie Spittle.