As we think, so we are. 

 All experience is created by thought in the moment. 

Feelings are reflections of thought in the moment.

Thought is transient, not fixed.

Our experience of life (as created through thought) is transient, not fixed.

The only fixed reality is the energy through which our thinking is created.

This reality is formless.

It is before the human form.

It was here before you and it will remain when you no longer here in this world.

This energy is universal. It connects all of life.

This energy is creative.  It creates life.

This energy is on our side  100% of the time.

It is made of peace, love, wisdom and well-being.

It is always there.

We can access it any where at any time under any circumstances.

It is our birthright.

The one single thing which prevents us from realising this energy is our thinking. 

 We assume our thoughts, concepts and beliefs to be fixed truths.  

This is untrue!

We believe that our well-being, happiness, sadness, grief, stress, depression come from our interactions with the outside world. 

This is also untrue.

There are no exceptions – all of your experience is created by you, by your thoughts in any given moment.

You do not need to try and change your thoughts – this will only lead to more unhelpful thinking!

You innate wisdom, well-being, creativity and peace are accessible when your mind is quiet.

You have seen it before!

You have seen it when you fell in love.

You have felt it when you held your child.

You have known it when you danced for hours.

You have sensed it when you marvelled at that sunset.

You believed these feelings came from; your child, your lover, the music, the sunset.

This is also untrue.

The feeling comes from within.

This is the inside out nature of human experience.

It is the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness bringing formless energy into the form of human experience.

These pages began as a collection of reflections on my journey through life with a fresh understanding, having spent the first 42 years believing that the outside world affected my mental health in a negative way.Stress, anxiety, depression, medication, physical illness, bereavement, relationships, emotional abuse, finances, not having a pension, planning for the  future all appeared very real to me.Recently, and seemingly out of the blue (what a fabulous expression, I’ve never really noticed it before) I stumbled upon the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought,  brought to light by Sydney Banks in the 1970’s.  The more I listened, albeit with resistance at first, I couldn’t ignore the impact this understanding was beginning to have in every aspect of my life, without my having to do anything.

Now I share this understanding to  facilitate others to realise their true nature and infinite possibilities.

You can read more about this understanding at The Three Principles Foundation

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