You’re doing fine. We all are.

I remember sitting up in the hospital bed the evening of the day my first child was born, everyone had gone home, no more visitors, just the two of us, at last.  There, looking back at me, was  the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Bright blue eyes filled with wonder and I had… Continue reading You’re doing fine. We all are.


Mind yourself.

What do we mean when we use the word 'mind'?   In Psychology we talk about mind as a hypothetical construct.  We associate it with the ability to think, behave and learn. We assume it is in our heads. We assume it is attached to out brain and bio-psychology and neuroscience are able to provide strong… Continue reading Mind yourself.

Thought Creates Reality. Thought flows.

My experiences are not real, they are the content of my personal thinking. The very nature of thought is that it flows endlessly. We cannot not think, if we try not to think we think about trying not to think. When we meditate, we notice that we have been thinking a dozen random things and… Continue reading Thought Creates Reality. Thought flows.

Finding Elsie

Through listening to another of  Nicola Bird's awesome podcasts I was introduced Elsie Spittle.  Elsie has a captivating tone that oozes  purity, simplicity and genuine compassion.   I could have listened to Elsie for hours without having any real sense of the content of her words.  In fact as I sit here now I can barely recall the… Continue reading Finding Elsie