The Wanderlust Gene


A while ago, my friend and I were contemplating the possibility that we both had a defective gene.   It would explain how we were unable to find contentment in the 9-5 life that so many others were seemingly okay with.  This gene gave us a craving for travel and adventure, without which we would never be satisfied.  Following this conversation she sent me an article suggesting such a gene did in fact exist and we were comforted by this revelation.

Although, we would later begin to recognise that travel alone didn’t really lead to fulfilment.  There was still something amiss.  Neither of us had ever really felt at home wherever we found ourselves.

Understanding the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought has shed new light on this dilemma.

Firstly, the restlessness we shared wasn’t coming from a gene, but from our sensitivity to the knowing that there was more to life than we were seeing.  I see now that the universal energy we call Mind and it how it connects us to all life is what we were not seeing.

The Three Principles also helped to explain our inability to feel complete when travelling or feel at home when at home.

We were looking to the outside world to feel whole. We believed we needed to do more, change circumstances, travel further to be content.  We were looking in the wrong direction.

Our shared tendency to over think created big black clouds in the sky that represents the space in which we can access universal Mind. We were unable to see that we already had what we were searching for and but for our thinking our innate  peace, wisdom, clarity and creativity would shine through.

At the end of last year I was in counselling, telling my therapist how I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I felt like an outsider, a fraudster in my own life – I believe some call this ‘imposter syndrome’.  The only way forward I could see was to convince my family to give up everything they knew and start a fresh somewhere  else. Somewhere warm so we could be closer to nature,  somewhere I might feel I belonged.

Even then I don’t think I really believed this was the answer.

Now, after a struggling through a sweltering couple of months in the UK, the thought of living and working on the Spanish Costas has lost its appeal.

I no longer feel the need to be anywhere else.   I’m here or I’m there,  it isn’t important.  I’m already close to nature, I am nature.

I can look forward to our upcoming family holiday for what it is, without expectation or frustration or searching for more.   I can return from that holiday with the comforting reassurance that I will feel at home.

I can do this because I know where home is.  It’s inside me.  It’s inside all of us. We can always return home no matter where we are.  It is the space in which our thoughts flow freely .  It is pure Consciousness, awareness of our connection to universal Mind and of the power of Thought to create our human experience.

When I first mentioned this new understanding to my beautiful friend, she simply said to me..

“wherever you go, there you are”

Isn’t that fabulous!





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