“There’s a hole in my soul, you can see it in my face. It’s a real big place”

Feel_RobbieI had little time for Robbie Williams in the beginning of his career, another middle of the road boy band member gone solo wasn’t really my thing, it was karaoke material at best.  My fondness for Robbie deepened as I began to see beneath his convincing facade to reveal a lost soul, searching for a missing piece of the puzzle. It seemed that no matter how successful he became, how much money and fame he had earned himself or how many beautiful people he surrounded himself with, he was still searching.  And, I had warmed to him because I knew that feeling.  I felt it also. I had felt it for what seemed like a very long time. I had been searching for something. I didn’t know what it was, but there was something missing. I absolutely knew that there was more to be gained, more to life, but I couldn’t find it in the outside world no matter where I looked.

Whether, like me, you have fondness for Mr Williams or like my Husband you fill with rage at the very sight of him is irrelevant.  This same searching, with no avail, is evident throughout the celebrity world.  Michael Jackson.  John Lennon. Victoria Beckham if that’s more your era.

It is also evident in the people we know and love, the people we work with, strangers on the bus or in the supermarket. The thing is, we have been looking in the wrong direction.  This whole time searching the outside world  for something we already have and always have had. We look for it in others and then are disspointed when its not there.  We look for it in drugs, alcohol, music, film, religion.  We live in our intellect, in our conditioned thinking. We live by what we have been taught, our beliefs, our learned understanding of how the world works. We live by the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ that we have come to accept as truth and reality.

All of this limits our capacity for true happiness.  If we believe that more money will make us happier then we will be on a life long mission to continuously try to get more money.  If we believe that to be happy we needs to be succesful, and to be succesful we need to do well in school, live in a better area, reach more goals, have more things – more, more, more… then how will we ever be truly happy?

Then (the really crazy part) when we don’t ‘succeed’, in reaching whatever arbitrary target or goal we have set for our life, we belive we have failed. Failed to be happy. Failed to impress. Failed to be worthy.  Failed at life.

No one can fail at life.

We are alive, job done.

To quote the fabulous Dicken Bettinger from a recent webinar… “There is absolutely nothing lacking in any one of us at any moment”

We are enough.

We are complete, as complete as the day we were born, and we have all of the love, creativity and wisdom of the universe already available within each and every one of us.Dr Dicken Bettinger


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